Monday, December 19, 2011

Thankyou :D

2011 had been a really fun but stressful year for me. ハードワークが報われていた。
That's right :D That paper up there is my scholarship and to be frank i was super happy and there are no words can describe how i felt :x It feels like all my hardwork and those stressful moment i've had was paid off in just one particular moment which was when i received this piece of paper :D 

As you guys know that i am a part-timer working in a restaurant while schooling , Yes ! it was real tough and to be honest i was struggling :x And it really affect my studies somehow, I'm always sleeping in class and not listening to teacher and kept on using my phone to chat with friends and stuff like which is against class rules and regulations.

Anyway enough about me today post is about people who had helped me in this entire year be it studies , CCA , work whatever :D So yeah i shall name them in point form and hopefully all of them will be able to see it (I hope so as this post is simply to thank them) so here goes :

Teachers :DDD
  • Mr Seah - Hey teacher , thanks for those kind word that you said in class be it in Science lesson or CME :D Those word really motivate me to do well in my studies even though i might not seem to be listening and thanks for all those text massage you sent to us as reminder. Thanks a lot teacher :D
  • Ms Tang & Mdm Tang - CPA (!) Hey teachers , thanks for being there for me when i needed help in CPA practical especially Dreamweaver :p And thanks for those funfunfun memories that we have had in CPA lesson and those fun joke
  • Mr Toy & Ms Dawn Lim - Bonjuor EBS teachers , thanks for teaching us EBS and those fun moment we had in class and bringing the first batch of WEP student to Four Seasons Hotel to work ! It was really fun and enjoyable and i think we know yous guys better :D Thanks alot (!)
  • To the rest of 3T1 teachers , hey all teachers thanks for teaching us and i really appreciate it thanks :D
Friends :DD
  • JunQi & Gerald - Brother (!) Hey thanks for being my good friends for the past 3years you guys are the best :D Thanks for accepting my flaws. Even though we had some nasty quarrel in between us but we had overcome it :D I enjoy going out with you guys and going to recess together it was really fun to chit chat with you guys and also studying together. Thankyou once again :D
  • Julin & Yelinda - Thanks for always listening to my problems i'm facing and cheering me up whenever i'm down with stressed. If it was't for you i would have break down already
  • BeeSin - KELLYKELLY :D HAHAH (!) Enjoy chatting with you about WWE in EBS class and watching PayPerView during lesson :D Thanks for the fun memory :D
  • Rachel , PhengSiong , HuiLing , Jiahern and L.Jiahui - Hey my NPCC study partner thanks for teaching me Maths (Algebra , indices and the caculator trick) Thanks guys i would not have gotten the scholarship without you guys ! Thanks alot .
  • GarFong - Hey jiejie , thanks for those word that you said during Prize presentation :D You motivate me to study hard and not let you down . Thankyou (!)
  • Jean - Thanks for those fun memorise and those fun time we had together in the past few years :D
Family members :DDDD
Thanks for always being by my side and supporting me :D Thanks for tolerating my stupid attitude and all my nonsense :D Thanks (!)


There's still many people whom i never thank and i shall do it in the next post , it's around 3:55am now and so i shall post more in the near future and for people who i never mention. Thankyou and really sorry about not posting your name however if i recall your name i'll make a part 2 of this post alright :D Sorry (!) 

Oh yeah , to people who is taking their N-Leve result later on :D Goodluck (!)

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