Sunday, December 4, 2011

Short Post :3 ショートポスト(!)

Morning everyone (!) グッドモーニング :3 Matin bonne :D

TodayToday post is gonna be a really shortshort post as i am in a rush as i am meeting my cousin YiXin for her 17th birthday celebration (!) So i really hope it's gonna be funfunfun btw having a sore throat D: and yeah i am posting this blog while.....Wait for it.......


She is like super slow can , anyway yesterday evening me together with my sister went to Toa Payoh to meet our mother to have our dinner....So of course camwhore on the way there using my camera which do not have any memory card as i lose it so here is the pictures :
Yeah , we were waiting for bus and seriously wss rather bored so i asked my sis to camwhore with me
So yeah ! After we had reached went to meet up with our mother at NTUC fairprice entrance and yeah we decided to have McDonald for our dinner even though my throat hurts (!) We ate McNuggets and some fries though as me and my sister had some food at home so we are kinda full .
And of course we took some pictures uh ( Show you guys some pic that i took for my sis )

Yeaaaap ! Today the pictures are all hers as my hair is kinda ugly yesterday due to raining and stuff so i decide not to take so much pictures :3HAHA ! Maybe i could show you guys just one of it :
Yeah , i know my hair look wet thats because it's wet though :3
Anyway , i shall post till here now alright ! I gotta go prepare now :D More post to come in the next few days so keep a lookout in Facebook and Twitter as i will post my blog link whenever blog is updated (!)  Later will take more pics with my cousin and sister to post up here :D
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