Monday, December 5, 2011

Cousin Birthday (!) 誕生日おめでとう!

Hey there ya'll (!) 誰もそこにヘイ!Hé il ya tout le monde!

So yesterday was my cousin 17th birthday and we went to watched a movie and go and have our dinner as a form of was funfunfun so anyway i had made her some banner thingy as a form of gift as i did not gave her any present yesterday so here it is......Wait for it :

I know it's sorta ugly but i tried my best to make it look nice . Anyway today post is about yesterday as usual is will post it in point form as i assume it will be easier to read and will make my post look neater too so here goes :3

  • Went to Dhoby Ghaut to meet up with cousin together with my sister
  • Upon reaching went to 7-11 to buy some strepsil as my throat hurts a lot 
  • After that went to GV to meet my cousin 
  • Went to buy our tickets for the movie " Already Famous "
  • Went over to Long John Silver for lunch (As i had not have my breakfast and lunch)
  • After lunch went over to McDonald to buy McChicken for my younger sister to bring into the cinema to eat :3
  • 1.50pm already , went up to the cinema and watched Already Famous :3
  • WatchWatchingWatched the movie (!)
  • OKAY ! At around 4 plus the show ended walked over to Ion Orchard
  • Had lunch at Ion Orchard at a Japanese Restaurant :3 Bough Chicken Teriyaki set :D
  • After that went to shopshop and off we go to Far East Plaza to have a look
  • Otw there , *Note it's still raining ! We saw the shop Zara and decided to go in and have a look
  • My cousin went to try on some 6-7 inches heels and she look pretty uh but the heels are just too high and after that carry on our trip to Far East Plaza ( time check - 6plus )
  • After we had reached , went to shop for awhile and was rather hyper uh ! All the things there are really cheap and nice and sorta shocked...
  • Anyway after that 7.05pm we wanted to go home as my cousin have school tomorrow 
  • Went to search for a Taxi Stand for like 30min and in the end decided to go over to Mandarin Meritus taxi stand to wait for a cab
Yes , and we waited for like another 10min till we are inside the cab so yeah it's somehow annoying waiting for a cab :3 Anyway photos time alright (!)

There are only a few pictures as there's some problem with my camera so sorry about it anyway after i had reached home i have nothing better to do so i camwhored so here is the pic : 
 Yeah i guess that's all for today post alright (!) More to come soon :D Bye people (!)

To my cousin - 
Hey , Happy Birthday :D Sorry uh yesterday never give you any present but i gotta say i have fun
Anyway the next time we meet might be in the chalet so yeah will look forward to it :3

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