Saturday, December 3, 2011

Rotting at home D: 自宅で退屈。

こんにちはああ!Oh hello :3 bonjour! 


Just woke up ! :3
Anyway I had been rotting at home for the past 3 days ! How miserable right...Urgh ! And this 3 days i was just sitting infront of the computer surfing the net that's all and watching videos etc. Anyway today post is another stupid post from this stupid kid :3 Today post is a post for you guys to know what i had been doing lately at HOME ! 誰かが退屈から私を保存する ( Save me from boredom ) #^&%$
Yeah  , this picture above was taken after i woke up :3 So yeah it's sorta stupid though but it's okay la  !
Anyway i am going to describe my 3 day via Bullets form again ( Don't know why but i love bullets form ) So here goes :
  • Watched TV ( Mostly Okto and Channel 5 )
  • Used to computer like mostly from 2pm-11pm ( Non-stop)
  • Watched WWE videos on Youtube since i have nothing better to do plus those Divas are hot 
  • Read my "Modelland" book by Tyra Banks 
  • Nap time 
  • Camwhore since i have really nothing to do
  • Blast music from computer
NO LIFE RIGHT ! :D But it's OKAY one !

Basically that's what i do almost everyday uh , so yeah life is kinda boring but it's okay atleast i save some money be frank i can't believe i can survive at home doing nothing for 3 long day ! OMG so proud of my self haha !
So anyway i said that i did some camwhore and stuff so i might as well show you guys some of it and maybe some videos of WWE that i watched over&over again ! So here goes :

Camwhore together with my sister ! :D 

HAHA ! What's wrong with eating ! :3 WANGWANG !

I've gone crazy because of you !you are constantly in my head ! I'm confused by this awful feeling :/ あなたを待って, Awaiting for you ♥

Yeah , so that's a few of my favourite camwhore shot that i have ! Bytheway those photos was taken by my camera and not my iPhone so it of course have better quality ! :3

So next segment WWE videos right :

I love kellykelly , anyway i love this video because it was my first time to see her being
so fierce

WWE walkout on Triple H do have a look :D

Okay ! That's for for my post today ! More post to come soon alright :3
P/s: tomorrow i'm going out it's my cousin birthday !
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Message to the girl i love :
Cutie girl, 私は、あなたが恋しい

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