Thursday, December 8, 2011

Shopping spree :3 お買い物天国 (!)

Hello everyone :3 Shopping spree today (!) こんにちは、お買い物天国今日。

Today was a reallyreallyreally fun day as i had gotten my pay for the month November and it's awesome (!) i went to get my pay together with Julin and my colleague HauMing :3 


So yeah , it was really fun and enjoyable (!) I shall blog about what i did.....As usual in Point form (Bullet form)
  • Walked over to Boon Keng MRT at around 4:30pm
  • Met up with HauMing and Julin at the station and walked over to Komars to get our pay 
  • After getting pay , cabbed down to Iluma to have our lunch at Ramen Champion :D
  • Decided to eat Bario and waited for the beeper to beep 
  • Ate the Ramen and waled over to Tsubohachi as Michelle wanted to speak to me and Hauming about re-hiring us
  • After that went over to Bugis street to shop for some accessories and stuff :3 ( Bought a Geek specs , Toungue/ear stud ) :D
  • Hauming went home and me and Julin walked over to CSM and heart2heart talk on the way there :3
  • Reached and went to shop for our iPhone cover and mine cost $40 while hers cost $20 
  • Went to McDonald to have McFlurry and went home at 7:50pm 
Yeah , basically that's the end of my day and went off after that :D Photo time (!)
Baria Ramen (!) YummyYummy :D
Waiting for salary (!) Camwhore with Julin :D

Transformer iPhone cover is mine - 40bucks
Hello Kutty iPhone cover is Julin - 20bucks

Shall blog till here now (!) More post tomorrow shall go off to bath now super tired :D
Bye all :DD More post soon alright ~ 

To some ironic person out there :
So what if i am in the NT stream ? Does that give you the rights to look down on me , does that even make you any smarter just by looking down on us and talking crap that does not even make any sense (?)
Come'on , if you say that us NT student is stupid think again alright...There are many adults out there who has very lease education and yet they could be successful so what make you think that us Normal Tect student an't ? Stop being so Naive . Its the 21st century already (!) 
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