Monday, December 12, 2011

Random update :D

HeyHeyHey (!) ちょっと私が戻って午前皆、(!)

It has been 4 days since i last updated my blog and today post is just a random update for those readers who wanna know know what i had been doing for the past few days .

Last Friday on the 9/12 i went out with my family to have lunch together and also to make a new ez-link card , anyway it was fun and FYI our lunch was over at Tsubohachi my ex-workplace :D So it's kinda awkward. After lunch we walked over to CSM ( City Square Mall ) and guessed what i purchase The Sims 3 Late Night expansion pack and i have been playing it for the past 3 days .

Did i mention that i am obsessed with the game , why did i say i am obsessed that's because i had been staying up really late just to play that game :D It's somehow addictive to me ya'know ~ Yeah (!)

I am sorta rich in that game and 5/8 character of my family in the game is working as a celebrity under the film industry :D And i believe most of you guys won't understand what i am blabbering about right...So i think you guys should just purchase the Game and the expansion pack itself to try hahaha :D


Okay , anyway tomorrow i'm finally heading out with friends instead os staying at home playing Sims 3 :D 
Alright i shall post till here (!) Off to continue my Sims 3 :D TTYL guys :D

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