Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Chilling (!) 友達となごむ :D

Whoohoo (!) Hello everyone :3 こんにちはすべての人(!)

Apology : very sorry to all my readers out there for not updating my blog for like 2 days had been really busy and i have nothing to post about i apologize for my laziness and lack of inspiration :D


Anyway , today i went out with my friends to Orchard and Bugis so as usual i shall post it in point form once again like i said in my previous post i find it neater and nicer :3 So here we go :

  • Went over to Orchard MRT to meet up with my friends Julin and Yelinda
  • Walked to Wisma Atria to have lunch :D I bought Chicken Rice which was effing disgusting (!) $4.80 somemore
  • On our way to Takashimaya walked over this Cosmetics shop and the Sales Personnel showed us some sample and the result was tremendous which make us sorta shocked  
  • Walked over to Takashimaya as my friend Yelinda wanted to purchase a book called << Pride and Prejudice >> whcih was publish during 1813 which was like so many years ago :x
  • After that went to H&M to shop for some clothing but there's nothing that did catch my attention D:
  • Was hungry and wlaked over to Cold Stone Creamery for some dessert :D
  • Did some camwhore while eating :D
  • Walked over to Bugis while Yelinda went home as her leg have some blister :x
  • ChittyChatty with Julin on the way to Bugis ( Gossiping mostly )
  • Reached Bugis went to Iluma walkedwalked and meet up with ex-colleague
  • After that went to a coffee shop to eat Sambal fried rice and it's really nice
  • Chittychatty again (!)
  • Went home after that :D
Yeah , that's basically my day out with friends i know the day was sorta short but it's still better than nothing right (!) So yeah :D Photo time :

And yeah , i'll be going out to get my pay together with some friends and hopefully will take more pic and show you guys :D See ya real soon (!)

Alright guys i shall post till here today alright (!) I am sorta tired already :D Anyway be sure to check out Julin blog at :
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