Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Forget about Sims3 , out with friends :D

Sims3 , i had fun with you however i can't be stucked with you and neglect all my friends


Yeah , today i went out like finally after 5 days :D I went out with Julin and her younger brother. We went t Nex today and it was a blast as usual i'll post the entire process via point form ( Bullets ) and hope you guys will enjoy the blog post literally , Okay enough of this and here goes :
  • Went to meet Julin and her bro over at Bendemeer Sec which is my school and i am late :x
  • Walked and chatted otw to Boon Keng MRT station 
  • Sat a train down to Serangoon Nex :D
  • Decided to go and have Long John Silver to have lunch 
  • After eating went to walked around the shopping centre and it was awesome
  • Went to the shop "Young Generation" and bought a sign "Sexy Girl" as it's kinda cute
  • Walked around once again 
  • Went to Library to used computer and did some camwhore there
  • At around 6pm went to find a place to have dinner and end up eating at Food Republic :D I ate chicken rice 
  • After eating went home via MRT (!)
Basically that's what i did and yeah i know it's sorta boring but to me the day was fun and enjoyable (!) and i really had fun anyway gonna posts some photos :

Alright guys i'm sorry for posting sucha short post , tired D: Nights all !

To Julin :
OkayOkay , i will help you download uh :D Jialat lehy you :X 

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