Thursday, September 1, 2011

BOOOOM ! I am back ^^ Countdown - 25day till my birthday !

Hello ! I am back ya'll !

I know i have not been blogging for a long time , but i really no not have time to you know update my blog so yeah ahem i am going to update it now sorry for waiting so long but it's here okay with a new layout and a new blogging style  *Push up geek specs*

*Yawn* Yeah ! So i have gotten back my Report book and i'll start today post by ya'know letting you guys know my result and also what i have been doing lately so on and so forth *AhemAhem*

Alright , to be franks i think i had done really well in this Common Test and all the hard work had been paid off so yeah here is my result :D *DrumRolling*

Yeah , that is my result ^^ I scored all As :D * Talk in Small voice * I should have 1 day of late however i don't know why there put 0 and it's kinda funny though :DD So yeah ! ~
Anyway , i still can't relax yet i still have my EOY to prepare for so yeah !

August 22 :D

August 22 was my aunty birthday and we celebrated her birthday at Swensens and here are some of the picture :

yeah ! The birthday women :D (y)

Yeah , we spent around $178 there.....:DD
Anyway i shall post till here now :D More tomorrow alright ! Bye guys i'm off to shower now !
Tomorrow post about mt stall and time hanging out with my friends alright ! PEACE OUT !


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