Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Back to posting (: Marking Day special .

Hello reader (L) How are you guys ? 
Anyway recently i had been busy but i shall talk about my work in the next post as there's something more fun that i want to share with you guys (Y) (:

Okay , i had been working for non-stop for about a week now and it's tiring (: But today was the School MYE marking day so it's sort of a holiday for the school and i am glad i have this kind of holiday. Okay my day started at 7.30am where i got up from my lala land and went to prepare to go back school for my CCA which is NPCC (Y) Hahaha ! 
Okay in NPCC we did quite a lot of thing like - Taking the Sec 1s squad , self training and Slacking and it was really fun though . However the bad past was we we are suppose to be relase at 1.30pm we got dragged till 2.30pm and it's rather devastating . 
Anyway after dismissal me and JunQi quickly rushed home as we are going out together with HuiYang , JunQi , Benny and Aishah yo a movie at Orchard Cineleisure (: So we decided to meet at 3pm 
Anyway at 3pm i went to blk 74 to meet up with HuiYang and Aishah and after that we took a Cab down to Cineleisure. After we had reached we waited for JunQi and Benny to arrive and after that we up to the cinema (:

Guess what is the movie we watched ?
We watched Thor and it's really nice and exciting. I think that i am going to watch it again soon (: Yeahh !
Anyway after the movie it was alredy 6.20pm and we decided to eat Pastamania (: And we bought 3 pizza which are :

  1. Meat Lover
  2. Hawaiian Pizza
  3. Meat and Mushroom 
And it is superb nice (: And i have to say it cost us less than 50 bucks . And the 3 of them are 10inch .
After eating we wen Scape and after thatt to Ion Orchard to shop and it was rather boring all the merchandise there're so expensive and also so Atas.
Okay after we had get out of Ion we went to Wisma Atrium -> 313 Somerset ->Orchard Central to shop and went to Cotton On to buy some stuff and after that went to shop and Benny bought a Zinc Bag and at about 9.40pm we sat a cab home (: 

Alright shall post till here it's time to sleep , will be working tomorrow (: Next post will be about work and hopefully me result (N) !! I will miss u readers .

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