Sunday, September 4, 2011

Fun day out ! :D 4/9/2011- 22 Days more till my B'day !

22 Days more till my birthday ! See 22 in my photo :D
Bonjuor everyone ! I'm here posting once again~ Alright today i woke up real early at around 9.15am and went to prepare myself to meet my friend at 10.20am at Dhoby Ghaut , after we have met each other we went off to Suntec City to have our McDonald breakfast ! I bought Hotcake with Sausage add one more Hashbrown and i have to say it makes me really full.

After that we went to the IT fair at the Suntec City convention hall super many people bang onto me and my iPhone even drop on to the floor lor Kanineh D: ~ So yeah ! Saw many cheap computer :D Jealousmax ! My friend just bought an iPad yesterday with his dad ! Right after the convention we went over to  the nearest McDonald and bought Double Chocolate Frappe and it was really nice and refreshing :

After that we went over to the Fountain of Wealth and took some picture of it and i notice there is 12 zodiac animal surrounding the fountain , Oh yeah FYI this is the world largest fountain if not wrong :x so here are some of the picture : 

Yeah right after that we went to The Helix bridge over at Marina Bay Sands and took some picture there like Jumpshot and stuff and most of the pic i finf out can actually see till my ya'know underwear so don't be a pervert and think dirty ah D:

Photo taken from Instagram !

Photo taken by Instagram #2

After that we went into MBS and it was really boring but in the end we managed to see a clown and i took a photo with him however the quality is really bad therefore i am not posting it ! Anyway after that we went to the Kite Festival and i must say i had a blast , i really don't know how to describe it therefore i think i'll have to show you guys the picture that i have taken at the Festival itself ! 

Around 5pm i went to Raffles Place to go home for a dinner at The Dragon Restaurant and did some camwhore so here are the pic :x

Yeah , that's all and i have to say my day end like that so yeah ! ;D I am going out again tomorrow ! So hopefully i am able to post again !

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