Friday, May 20, 2011

Result that i had got for MYE ( Forgot some of it though )

Hi my beloved readers (:
Let me start by saying that i am really pleased with my Mid-Year-Examination result especially when i have to work and concentrate on both my CCAs and Studies and at first it was tough though but it teaches me how to overcome stress......(:

Anyway i had passed all my syllabus for Normal Technical stream which are - English , Maths , Science , Mother Tongue , EBS and CPA (Y) and it's the first time , Hold on ! No i had pass all my subject for a few times now but my maths normally get a "C" or "B" however this time is different :p I got an.........(Tell you guys later) 

Okay , here are the result as for those i forgotten i'll just put the number closest to the result (:
  • English - I had got a "B" and if i am not wrong i had got 72 percent and it's so not cool (N)
  • Maths - OMGOMG ! I had got 75.5% Which mean i got an A this time round and it's amazing <3
  • Science - I had got 72/80 which is 90+ percent and i lose to Sama and it's only by 1 mark D:
  • Mother tongue - As for MT i think i got 70+ If i not wrong but i just know i ahd get an A 
  • EBS - Get 1st in class but no one get A so i got an B which is 58/80 and the result sucks 
  • CPA - Once again i got 1st but the overall result i got 2nd and the percentage is 80+ If i not wrong once again lose to Sama by 1.2%
Yeah , those are my result . Although i am please by my result but i am devastated that i had lose to so many classmate and let so many teacher down . D: Haish ~ Forget it i'll just have to wok harder next time .

Shall update till here , shall go out and have my lunch now , btw i have a new blogskin (: Comment in the Cbox ~ Shall post more about my result when i get my report book next week alright <3 
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