Sunday, October 9, 2011

Shhhh......It's really late :DD

Konichiwa everyone :DD
Haha ~ Believe it or now i had been blogging really late recently like around 3-4am, I don't know why but i just know that i will always have the mood to update my blog at midnight :x

Anyway today post is about MV and songs that i liked and i just want to share with you guys some of it so here you go:
Hey everyone do Enjoy the videos :DD

Yeah , all those song are some of my favourite now :D There's more however i shall save it for the next post :D Yeah ~ Most of the song that i really liked is sang by Beyonce ! Hahaaha .
Btw , as for the last one i just like the song and not the singer/rapper :p No Offence ah ~ ^^ Alright i shall update my blog till here , time for supper and off to bed @ 4.10am ~ :DD Nights everyone !
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