Tuesday, October 11, 2011

No stress at all :DDD

Today is sucha fun day for me , i got my salary today at first i thought i'll only get like $100+ however in the end i got $400+ :DD 
I went to get my salary together with Jing Cong , Grace and HauMing whom work with me in Tsubohachi ~ :D
Anyway , today HauMing bully me lehy ~ Keep suan me D: Urghh ~

Anyway Jing Cong korhkorh left after getting his pay as he is in a rush for other appointment , so me , Grace and HauMing went to shop at Orchard and we had so much fun ~

We went to McDonald to have our lunch and went to H&M after that ~ Wanted to buy a white shoe but they do not have my size so yeah did not buy anything there....

So after that we walked to Dhoby Ghaut and HauMing went for his tuition , so left me and Grace...
After shopping for 30min at Plaza Singapura we got bored and board a bus to Bugis and i managed to spent 200 plus dollar there.....:D

Yeah , i went to buy some clothing , ear stud , barbell and a portable charger and i also went to Tsubohachi to have our Dinner and here are some photos of it : 

Yeah , that's what we had eaten and i have the food is really nice :D So do have a taste of it ~ Tsubohachi is located at Iluma @ Level 4 :DD And me and my Manager took some photos together and here is it : 

Alright Guys i shall update my blog till here , i am really tired now ~ Going off to sleep tomorrow is my Maths paper 2 and CPA 1 :D After that had to rush down to my cousin Wedding ~! :x 

Nights all ~

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