Saturday, October 8, 2011

Seriously........F*** You exams :DD

Stressed up D: FML !

Hello , today post is like super Vulgar right starting already got the "F" word :D But i am really pissed off and stressed up by exams ya'know with so much stuff going on for me lately.
Yeah , earlier today i had my Maths exam and i can used 1 word to describe it "Difficult" yeahyeah people might say that i am a hypocrite as i always pass my exams with Flying colours but this time round is real and i no longer have those confident that i used to have...Especially when i have to work and take care of my uncle....

The only thing that i could do now is to *Crossed-Finger* and pray hard that i'll pass and move on to Sec 4 next year...

**Oh yeah ! I really want to thank my brother HauMing for cheering me up when i am down with so much stress , without you i think i'll just heck care about my exams and ruin my future . Thanks bro for waking me up . Although i am not going to do well this time round but at least i do not have to retain and at least i have give it my best shot so yeah ! THANKS BRO (: Appreciate it much. !


Now the next part of today post is all about Instagram and as you guys know i had been using Instgaram for quite awhile now and had posted a few blog about it so yeah today i am going to show you guys the recent picture that i took so here you go :

Haha , Alien attack drawn by me during Maths lesson (L)
As you guys know my birthday was on the 26th of September
My teacher wrote tgis to me on the 4th of October and i'm touched somehow .
The Trophy that me and my Team Gerald won in a Badminton Match ,
We got bronze Ughhh ~ !
Alright , that's all for my Instagram and they added some new effect lately and it's super duper A-WER-SOM-E ! Haha ~ Alright guys i shall post till here now alright more post soon maybe a post on my Birthday or some other stuff :DDDD

Oh yeah last but not least
-Girl , thanks for the 30 days you spend with me even though it's short and you say that we can be friends but i don't think i would want to be friends back after the break-up as i do not know how to face you , anyway i had made up my choice that i would quit Tsubohachi.....Anyway goodluck in the future and all the best to you ~ Give me a few days and i'll definitely forget you.

08092011 Officially ended.

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