Saturday, October 29, 2011

It used to be my favourite place to be.

Seriously , FUCKYOU ! :p

On wed , during Deepavali i had to work and after working i told my manager Erich that i wanted to quit and he asked me why i want to quit so i told him " There's no reason behind why i want to quit , i just want to have fun instead of working and wasting my time here" and he told me okay however i must present a Registration letter and must work for another 2 weeks and i was like okay !

However yesterday my manager Michelle spoke to me and tell me to work just on Saturday i almost say okay , but than Erich told her that just because i say that work is boring he don't want to let me work and even say that i cannot even go back ~ And seriously i am damn pissed off

Seriously , why must i lie to you just to effing pleased you ? Yeah ! Work is really boring what especially when you have to study and work at the same time . Seriously ! And come'on not only work is boring but there's ANOTHER REASON why i want to quit and here it is:

"There's this chef that super make me pissed off , the other i am super busy and went to work at 7.30pm and work until 10.30pm and my Assistant manager allow me to order food to eat so i end up ordering Potato Mentaiko and he told me Don't have so i asked for the reason and he said i work less than 3 hour so don't want cook"

Yeah , seriously if you don't want cook than don't you think what i don't have money to eat ah ? 
In case if you guys saw this blog post and want to fired me or what GO AHEAD i'll be more than happy walking out from the restaurant okay !

Anyway , i'll only be working for another 2 weeks and after that i'll go find another higher pay job ! Seriously , do you guys think that i cannot survive without your ? Please ! 

Now in Tsubo i only trust , Michelle , Mhey , Meryln , HauMing , Jing Cong and Peter ! 
Seriously speaking if you guys want to make me have a hard time in this restaurant go ahead ! :D

Lastly , what make you think that i'll go back to work there ? Do you think that i'll quit and go back to work once again ? NO ! I have better thing to do :D Rather than workworkwork ! So please stop contacting me once i stop working tqvm :DD

Alright , shall blog till here :D More post soon alright ! Oh yeah ! I went to watched Real Steel yesterday and 1 thing to say it was AWESOME ! ~ Do watch it as it's onyl left with a week or 2 before it ends ! ^^ 

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