Tuesday, November 1, 2011

So many place , so less time :D

Camwhore #1
Hello everyone ! Okay ~ Yesterday was a really tiring day as i only have like 5 hour to go to 4 places so yeah ! The four place are - Orchard , Causeway Point , Jurong Point and IMM :D

Orchard :D
The first Destination i went to was Orchard , as both me and my friends said it's the closest compared to other shopping mall that we wanted to go :D So without hesitation we went there to meet up with each other...We went there because i wanted to buy some clothing at DC comic there as they are having some promotion and yesterday was the last day ! So yeah ~ I very kiasu one okay :p FYI they are having an 80% discount ~ So here's what i bought :
Add their price up , it's only 48 bucks ~ And it's super cheap ah! Compared to its price before the offer .
One of the material is awesome ah , is like those material which Athletics wear :D
Woodland :D
After Orchard we went on to our next destination which is Woodland as my friend wanted to buy some Puzzle to fix and don't know why he is so despo for Puzzle yesterday :p
Anyway after we had reached  quickly go to Long John Silver to eat as i was super hungry and did some camwhore there :D So here are the pictures ! And yeah ! My friend bought the puzzle for $48 and i was shocked that a puzzle cost so much !

Jurong Point :D
After that i went to Jurong Point for the very first time and somehow i think it sorta look like Marina Bay Sands :D And seriously there's many people ah ~ You see it's a Monday and whoa ! It's was so crowded that i barely can walk ! 
Anyway i bought 2 braclet over there at X-Craft and here are some photos of it and did i mention my friends went to find his Jigsaw Puzzle again : 
Took via Instagram :D
Yeah , at around 8.20pm me and my friends decided to head to IMM as there's another puzzle shop there and seriously i also don't know why he like puzzle so much so yeah i just followed him there . 
And guess what we went there the shopping centre machiam no people one so yeah did some camwhore there once again and here it is : 

Yeah , went back home at around 9.45pm and guess what i reached home at 11pm :x 
Anyway i am going to Tampinese and Changi Airport TM 3 ( As i never went before ) 
So yeah shall post more soon! :D HAHA ! Bye guys ~

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