Thursday, October 27, 2011

Loser like me ! :DD

Loser like me :D
Hello everyone ! :D As you guys can see from my Blog title : Loser Like me ! Yes ~ I am calling myself a loser :p  what's so bad about being a loser  anyway? Hmmmmmm......

Now let me tell you guys something alright , i used to care about what people think about me , for example my looks , my studies and stuff like that and many people had called me gay and stuff and there are people who called me coward too ! But seriously why must i care about people like them right :D
Yes ! It used to bother me a lot but now just by thinking of it make me feel really stupid , why must i let all this PATHETIC humans living ruin my dignity and confident ? :D

Anyway , the more they criticize me the stronger i became , so thanks to all those brainless freaks for all their comemnt :D
And yeah ~ So what if i smoke , drink and stuff do you guys want to comment on me again ? When i am still a good boy who want to study you guys called me coward and now that i started all this nonsense you guys called me Rebellious like seriously what can i effing do to please you guys ?

I had always been the guy who wanted to make friends and just simply live my life and you guys are the reason why i can't do what i do and lead a simple life ~ You guys words hurts a lot and the only thing i can do is to ignore and move on ! But it's okay ! I know one day i'll be big enough so that you cannot scold me nor hit me :D

And yes , i know that after posting this post there'll be even more nasty comments but i can say this if you dislike it or find it disturbing you can simply leave my blog . :D

Yeah , i had changed and seriously ! I can't wait to leave my secondary school and move on . !
Alright , enough of blabbering ! Shall go prepare now and off to meet my mother at Orchard ~
Shall post some photos before going off more post soon alright ! ^^

All this photos are from my Post-Exams activity ! :D

This is during the Mother Tongue Enrichment program ! And i squeeze this
Muruku myself okay ! ~

Chinese Calligraphy written by one and only me ! :D

Drawn by me and my group ~ Not nice right ! 

My last post-exams activity , Eh ! The no money no honey is i think one okay :p 

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