Tuesday, August 9, 2011

You say maybe you should fire me , well maybe i should quit !

*Note - Today post contain lots of vulgar therefore i claim that it's going to be NC14 so yeah !
Bloody hell/fuck ! Hey guys :DD

Today is freaking not my day lor , blame on my damn manager Thomas the train  ! -'- 
At first i still thought he is a good manager but please he ain't as good as what i thought he is like seriously Kanineh ! ~ Okay ! Let me tell you guys what had exactly happened alright.

I was billing for my customer when i saw the counter was really messy and i decided to clear up the mess while waiting for the receipt to be print out . Than that -'-ker saw and asked me what am i doing so i told him i was clearing up the damn mess. To my surprise he scolded me and he was like "Eh , don't waste time clearing all this shit and do your work . If you let me see one more time you can get out " And i am super pissed off after hearing that and gave him some attitude. So yeah ! :DD

**You say maybe you should fire me , well maybe i should quit ! - kellyKelly :D

Anyway , i am quitting once again for another job so yeah ! Just have to endure maybe 2 more month ~
Oh ~ I forgot ! Yesterday i post about my 2 colleague right and i finally found out Grace nickname and it's - Anoneh created by my Manager Michelle so yeah :DD

Alright , enough about work let me tell you guys about my school prize presentation ! 
To be frank ah , i think that i have wasted my time going to school for the prize presentation lor.
At first , Ms ong said the prize is $30 popular voucher but end up it's only $15 and i was like wth ! You all lie to me ~ Than it's super annoying one lor ! The speech worst manzxc i yawn more than 20 time in 15min !
And when i was about to go on stage hor my leg was trembling like crazyyyyyyy ! So embarrassing ~
However the sing-a-long session was funny and it make me abit hyper luh so yeah !

So yeah ! Shall post photo to let it do the typing as i am like super lazy now ! :D
Btw Happy Birthday Singapore :DD 


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