Monday, August 8, 2011

Work ! :D

Kanineh :D Hello ! ~ *Note today post will be a little vulgar so it's going to be NC14 :D Sorry if this post have offend anyone !* Hahaha ~
Alright the word Kanineh is what i have learnt from my manager :p example :
  • Whenever we did wrong something she'll be like "Oi ! Kanineh , open your eye"
  • She dislike what she do she will also used the word Kanineh 
  • When her computer is lagging she will hit it and be like "Kanineh wtf is wrong with the computer"
Yeah ! It's super funny luh ~ Oh yeah ! Recently got new one lehy ! - "You better be serious at work if not i will used the spiker and poke your ass " FYI my manager is a girl ~ :D As for the spiker it is used to poke paper or order list so yeah....:DD
Okay ! Now let's talk about my colleague recently i have 2 new colleague and they are
  1. Rachel a.k.a Doraemon :D
  2. Grace a.k.a Don't know :D
And i have to say they abit gongong one ah ! Hahaha ~ But they really make my days in Tsubohachi a really funfunfun one ! :D Without them hor i think it'll be darn boring ! So yeah ! Thanks alot guys ! Oh yeah ! And also thanks for the cigg alright :D Had so much fun --Small voice "smoking" with you guys !  ~ No offence but i am not addicted to it or what so yeah ! Hahaha :D i'm just doing it for the sake of fun that's all ~ Nothing harmful !

Oh yeah ! Today hor Doraemon wear the Kimono and it's super funny she look like hmmmm ~ You know....AWKWARD !

Anyway today hor got this customer damn fuckedup one lor like what my manager say ~ They all only know how complaint when there's so much people and my manager once again said the word Kanineh and it's really hilarious so yeah ! And when there's no customer we on some songs and she dance around and it's super funny and she was like "Nabei the song super techno ! Dance together lehy otherwise i poke all your ass with three spiker " And me and my friend Hauming was laughing like insane :p And she also said " Wah i  also listen to lady Gaga song wow siaoliao i became so modern"
 I thinked my manager is sorta of funny when using vulgarities super entertaining worhs !  

Alright i shall post till here , it's getting late already , shall show u guys some photos that i took using Instagram at work :D

Bought Subway to eat at work :D

Chair spoiled ahahaha ! :D This was taken at 7/8/2011

Manager asked me to take home and put in my toilet to make myself horny so that can
Musterbate -.-"

My manager fry for us to eat  ! Crackers ~

Stuff meal ! Fried rice wohhhhh :D

Alright ! :D More post soon ~ Nights guys ! 


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