Wednesday, August 10, 2011

In a heartbeat :DD I'll be there for you !

Bonjuor ! Anneonghaseyo ! :DD
Oh yeah before i officially start posting HAPPY BIRTHDAY SINGAPORE ! ~
And yeah ! I spent my National day going out with my mother to Bugis to shop for new clothing and also a new school shoe so i am going to elaborate it now ^^

Okay ! I went to Bugis with my mother and i have an awesome time and she bought many stuff for me like the shirt and pants you see at the pic above and it cost her around 80bucks and it's really touching luh ~ After that we went to Bugis Juntion to eat our lunch and she treated me McDonald and we ate like as if there's not tomorrow so yeah it was kinda embarrassing ~
After which we have ate our lunch we went in search for a wallet for my sister at The Wallet Shop and in the end we found it and so.......Here is it :

One thing to add on , i am not the one who chooses it ! It was my mum who choses it and i have to say it's kinda nice so yeah ! ~

After that we went off to the Converse shop to shop for a new school shop and it fucking cost my mother another 60bucks and seriously Kaninehh ~ So expensive :DD

After that went back home to watch the NDP 
And i have to say , this year NDP is one of the nicest i have yet to seen :DD
The story line is tremendously awesome ! 

Anyway i shall update my blog till here , have to go off to shower soon and after that bed as i am going out to vivo tomorrow to revise some school work with my friends :DD

Byebye ! :D

And here is some NDP related videos :D


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