Sunday, June 12, 2011

When i am stressed....I'll

Yell and Scream alot
Feel sad and Depress D:
Being stressed up is super annoying as we somehow change into a different person and it's kinda awkward so i want to share with you guys how you can cope with stress like how i normally cope with stress alright (:
I will used some picture to describe alright as i am kinda bored ( If u think it's ugly or hate my blog u can simply leave ) Negative comments will not be entertained !

Call a friend and tell them about your problems will help(:
Friends may know you more , so telling your friend your problem will help .
Sleeping or taking a nap will help (: 
Playing games or looking at other people blog will help
as it help me to stay out of stress most of the time (: Haha

Yeah , those are the three tips that i can give you guys but it may not be useful but your can give it a try (: Anyway i shall post my blog till here it's getting late (: It's 2.02am now and i still have t work tomorrow how boring . Anyway i shall end off my blog post with what i have took with my Camera once again <3 And i shall post more maybe tomorrow alright !
My Barbell (: 

It's raining cats and dogs haish , miserable ~

Zinc keychange , bought it at 313 @ Zinc (: 

Ate Subway at work , super hungry (L)

Went to KFC after work at 11/06/2011

Bought 2 pierce chicken meal , Thanks Yelinda for lending me $1 Hahaha !

1 of the bill i encountered while i work as a Cashier (:

Camwhore o.o ! 

Last but not least !


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