Monday, June 13, 2011

I had been thinking quite a lot about my future lately.....What is happening .

Yah , recently i had been thinking a lot and i had also been reflecting on what i have done and it's kinda of disturbing somehow. Yeah i know maybe i should be more mature at this age rather than acting cuteand behaving like a kid.

People always say that i do not think about my future and i am just living the moment but i do have times where i think about my future and what path should i take to be successful in the future. Everyone living in this world want to be successful and there's a reason why i am saying this. Imagine you are given an really rare opportunity to become famous or rich and i guess you will accept the offer without hesitation. After all it's a rare opportunity !

I have to admit that i am in the Normal Tech stream which most of the adults think that we are stupid and useless . Yeah ! I am stupid and useless , i can't take care of myself. And i can say i hate to study but atleast i tried. 

I think this is going to be a random rant from me and i seriously don't know what is happening to me but i think i will carry on posting because i think that this is a place where i can share with my beloved readers my Happiness , Sadness and also my stress. So hope you guys can bear with me (: Thanks.

Okay , i can say i am already used to people calling me Gay , Faggot , Ugly , Stupid and all those negative comment and the only thing i can do is to ignore and keep everything to myself and i can say i am used to it .

My life is really unsettled and i really do not know what i am living for but i can say relationship wise is really awkward , there's this girl which i had love for the past 1 year totally ignore me this few days and i can say it's tough. I tried not to think about it but it's hard and i don't know what to do and the feeling really make me feel really useless. 

And yes , i got the chance to go to Normal Academic last year and i did not went and my parent say i make the wrong decision and such but i can say i never regret for not going , no i did regret sometimes but i found ways to cheer myself up when i think that way , and what's wrong with NT student ? Can't they have a good future ? I guess that is goign to motivate me to work EXTRA hard to prove them wrong .

As for blogging , i know i am not a famous blogger or what but i can say . Blogging is really my passion and i am not going to stop blogging even though i received negative comments and stuff. 
Okay , enough of my pathetic thinking and i have to apologize to my readers for listening to me nagnagnag. Sorry ! 
Anyway , i shall end off with what i did today alright not so detailed but i'll show you guys some pic (: 

Yeah , i went to eat with my family today and the food is really nice , yeah ! We ate Chicken wings , Curry Fishhead , and some fried Tofu (: Yeah ! And my cousin came to my house and chatted with me ! 
Okay shall post till here now people ! NIGHTS ! 


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