Saturday, June 11, 2011

7.30am - 6.05pm (:

Oh ! Hey people (: Welcome back to my blog ~!

Okay , this is going to be a super duper quick post about my day in NPCC and after this i am going to accompany my sister to watch some movie ^^ Eh no ! I am going to shower after this ! 
Okay back to topic alright , yeah my day in NPCC simply started with my SGT promotion Test and i have to say it was so fun. But some of my squadmates think that it's tough but for me it was fun and my friend scolded me insane for saying the Promotion Test is fun ! Hmmmmmph ~ Make me so sad ! * No luh just kidding * 

Anyway Promotion test was separated into 2 different component and they are - Changing Parade and the component that most of my Squadmates hate , DRILLS ! (: Including me there are 10 of us taking this test and we each take turns to shout the command and i am not elaborating the details of how my squadmates shout as they warn me not to do it so i shall not tell you beloved readers anything about their Drills
But i'll tell you what happened to me when it was my turn to shout the command 
Yeah , when it was my turn to go out and be the commander i was like laughing at every command i am shouting out as i have trouble pronouncing it and my squadmates was laughing and it makes me laugh too. And the whole process took me less than 10min and the best thing of all is i was not nervous at all (: Is like first time i am not Nervous in promotion test is't it cool ! I guess miracle will happened soon ahahaha ! 

** Today when we were doing our Promotion test the RCY people shouted so loud till we can't hear the commander and i have to be frank i am sort of pissed off as it is distracting. I am not trying to rant anybody but i am just spitting out the facts ( Sorry to those RCY people who are not involve ) 

Right after our promotion test it was already 11plus and we went to help our squadmates to teached the Sec 2s how to pitch a tent to be frank i do not know how to pitch a tent but end up scolding the Sec 2 :p I know i am bad. But who cares ( OMG i am so bad to say that ) So after that at about 12.30 me and my friend ChunKit , Mohinee , JunQi and Guantecj went to have our lunch and after that we went back to school and Slacked there for awhile at 1.30pm me and JunQi started cleaning the storeroom while my squadmates continue to teach the Sec 2s how to pitch tents (: 

After that at 3pm we started games and it was cool though , but i can say most of us slacked inside the storeroom. And suddently me and Mohinee came up with an idea to treat the cadets to drink some soft drinks and so we went to buy it and when the training comes to an End the Sec 2s are forced to form the word " POTENTIAL " using their body and here are the picture (:  Don't laugh at them hor ! Who laugh badbad ~ :p Clicked to enlarge (: 
Started forming the words ! Jiayouuus ^^

Rachel pointing at me (: HAHAHA ! 

The word Potential (Y) ! 

Yeah , that's all for the picture anyway before the Sec2s training ends they have a surprise punishment and it's........PUMPING ! Hahaha ~ They got pump for :
  1. Talking back to Seniors
  2. Not pitching the tent on time 
  3. Not falling in On time 
  4. Not caring for their casualty 
And i have to say most of them still have to train up themself , because tehy only can do like 5-20 push up and that is not good and today most of them do like 5 and request to change to Crunches position and i was like......WTH ! But i have to say i had scolded them today and hope they will not hate me for that . 

Okay after that training we have a short meeting and i really don't feel like talking about it anyway when i reached home i tested my Camera which i bought yesterday and here are some random photos that i took ( Non of them is edited as i do not have the time ) Anyway people see you guy soon ! 
Rachel my sis waiting for the cadet to shout for permission to enter the room (: 

A earstud that i bought with my salary and regretted buying it because it's ugly . 

My keyboard (:

My aunty watch (: Lallaa !

My bad which i hung on my bag (: 

Noodles ~ 

Ending off with a unglam pic or me and my sis (: Me after NPCC and my sis when she just woke up :p ( I know you guys will laugh ) 

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