Sunday, June 19, 2011

Thinking about the future , will I ever be successful ?

Alright , hi people. Alright today post is simply about me blabbering about my future and FYI I am posting this post using my iPhone 4 and I am currently lying down on my bed thinking about my future . So please just bear with me this time round as I really have nonplace to remade stress and I think...or rather I can say this is he best place I can relase my stress and also share with you guys what I am thinking .

Alrigt , let me just start by telling you guys that I am in the NT stream and I really don't know is this a good or bad thing but I can tell you guys that I really regretted not studying hard when I was in P5 and drop to the EM3 stream.

Okay , I really want to be successful like everyone else but it's not easy but I know nothing come easily and the only hung we can do is to work hard for it , and yes that is exactly why I am working so hard to get good results and stuff like that.

Alright, you guys might be wondering why am I thinking so much about my future lately and the only reason i can give is : I don't want people to look down on me in the future and I want people who look down on me and People who teased me before to regret what they have done to me .

Alright I shall post my nonsense till here (: thanks my beloved readers for accompanying me to talk about my future (: thanks !
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