Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Let my hair tell the story......Joke !

Talk to the hair (: 
Alright ! Hi my beloved readers (: Starting today post with a really random pic of my hair and it's rather funny though.....Anyway i know i had not been updating my blog lately as i am really busy working ):

Anyway , today post will be a Random post about my feeling toward school reopen....Which is next Monday. 
Like every other Teenager out there , i am not really excited to head back to school next week because : 
  • I did not have enough time to rest exp : Most of the School Holiday i spent going back to school and also work
  • Don't feel like studying , because it's going to give me stress once again 
Yeah , those are the 2 reason why i ma not looking forward to School reopen . However i am only 15 and i am a student so it's compulsory to go back to school so.......Nevermind ! 
So the only thing i can do when i am going back to school is to study hard and scored better result during EOY examinations. (: So goodluck Edwinn ! 
Yeah , i have changed my blog Background as you can see on the left side bar and yeah , in order to view how my blog should look like it's best to use the computer and not your handphone web browser as all the picture will be stick together at the Disclaimer section . (: Anyway i shall update my blog till here . Have to go to shower now and prepare to go work. 

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