Thursday, June 2, 2011

Random post !

Hello people , working have been great lately i have been given staff meal and i have to say it is pretty nice ~
Anyway i am really sorry for not updating my blog ~ That is because i have been really lazy and busy to blog D: Sorry readers (:

Anyway here is a few dishes that i have tried before ,
This dish is called " Potato Metaiko " and it's basically a dish full of cheese ~
And it's sort of salty ~ And to people who know me i love salty food that is why
this is a perfect dish for me.

Now this is Kimchi Hotpot and i have to say , it's not spicy at all and the good thing is
the taste is a bit salty and there are many different food inside (: 

This dish is called " Chicken Gyoza " and this is nice because it has some vegetable inside
and the best thing is it taste good !

Okay that's what i have tried before ~ For people that feel like eating please come down to my restaurant @ Tsubohachi at Iluma, Level 4 beside the Subway restaurant (: Okay shall update till here ~ More tomorrow if i am free alright <3

Some random pic of me ? 

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