Thursday, June 9, 2011

Endless fun (:

Hello my beloved readers i am sorry for not updating my blog for so long , i have been really busy working and also going back to school for my extra training (: So to make up for my laziness i am going to post more alright (: Haha !

Robomop (:
Okay about 2 weeks ago , my mum bought this erm so called Mop back home and i was really surprise to see it (: Becasue it is robotic which means it can move by itself without us touching it and it's sort of cool though. Below are some picture of it alright~ 

IPhone 4 (: 
Yeah , i have gotten my iPhone about 2 weeks ago after craving for it for like 4-5month now , and i have to thank my mum for buying for me (: Anyway it have been fun and enjoyable la since the day my mother bought it for me. ( I am not trying to show off that i got a Iphone ) 
Camera and also my salary (:
Okay as today is the day i get my salary after working for 1 freaking long month....i went to buy many stuff and i bought clothing , pants , Iphone covers and i even replace my iPhone screen protector. And i bought my camera and it's the.........Olympus VR-310 and i have to say that i don't intend to used this as my permanent camera as the feature or i can say the funtion is not what i want . Anyway here is a pic of my Camera (Y)

Update on what i have been doing lately (:
Okay there's this new show called : C.LI.F in channel 8 which shows at 9pm and i have to say it's a nice show . Seeing those policeman in action is so cool and seriously i can say this show allow  me to understand more about the Singapore Police Force (: For people who have miss any episode you guys can go on to and clicked on the link that say catch up TV on the top-right-hand side alright !

Oh yeah ! I have been playing Habbo recently and i have to say i am rather active lately and if you guys have an Habbo acc feel free to add me (: My username is : Cuteboy09 ( I know this sound gay but this is what i created 5years back ) 

Shall post till here now my beloved readers hopefully i will have the time to update my blog tomorrow (: 
Anyway wish my luck for my SGT promotion test tomorrow <3 See ya people ! 

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