Thursday, May 26, 2011

Marina Barrage , NPCC and Slacking (:

Marina Barrage ( Part 1 of the day )
Hello people , i know i have not been updating my blog for like a few days but i had been really busy this few days . Okay i am going to post about my day today as i had lots of fun and i really hope to share it with you guys (:
Okay basically this week we have our Post exam activity and today we went to Marina Barrage to fly kite under the Buddy n Me programme and it's rather devastating as it started raining after we have reached the destination and so we could only play with some Bored games and i really had lots of fun playing with 5 stone with Gerald (:
Oh yeah , i found out that me , JunQi and Gerald was the group leader of the group we are being appointed to be in and i can just say me and my group barely even talk so i shall skip the part where i was with my group .
After the rain has finally stopped we went up to the field and started flying kite with my team but after awhile i went off to find JunQi , Benny and Gerald as my Sec 1 buddy wanted to go play with his friend.
So after in found my friends we started slacking and did i mention that my Gan korh Nicholas.T bullied me , he kept arrowing me today and the way we talk to each other was really hilarious as we make our friend laugh like as if they are insane :p oh yeah , my friend used his DSLR camera and took a pic of me and the effect turn out to be really nice shall show it to your later on (:

Okay at about 12.35pm we went back to school and Mr Seah our form teacher say something bad about us and i have to say it's really awkward to hear such thing . I am so going to changed to a better person .
The picture that Qixuan took for me (: 

This pic was taken by Lixin (: 

School and HTA ( Part 2 )
Okay after the trip to Marina Barrage we headed back to school and started slacking with : JunQi , Benny , Siti , Huiyang and Muas . I have to say i have a funfunfun time slacking there because i use Benny iphone to play with his games and the best app " Facebook " (: Oh yeah did i mention that Benny is really kind enough to treat us eat his prawn cracker (: Hahaha ~ Okay at about 3pm i went to HTA for Dry shoot for the Marksman compeition as QiXuan cannot go and Ms Quek wanted me to take over him and i was like okay. Okay today was special because the 11 of us sat 3 different Cab down to HTA the the grouping are :

  1. Rachel , Miru , JiaHui and John
  2. HuiLing , Hilary , PhengSiong and BoonHuat
  3. Me , JunQi and Ms Quek 
Yeah , those are the groupings hahaha ~ Anyway Dry shoot was really funfunfun and chatted with Ms Quek and i have to say it's hilarious (: We reached the school at about 6pm and started slacking in school . Oh yeah , there was this particularb school i'll not mention is damn pathetic . U know why did i say they are pathetic cause they are jealous we have more badges than them and they said that we noob in shooting and should not come for the dry shoot -'- But nevermind (: I treat them as if they are jealous that all . 
Taken by Benny iphone (: (Y)

Slacking ( Part 3 * Final part * )
Okay we went out of the school at 6.30pm and went to eat and chatted for quite abit till 7.25pm and went home , and i at Wafle stick while Rachel ate Waffle while JiaHui and HuiLing ate Cheese fries. Okay and we were even predicting who will be the next H.O.P - Head of Planning and also who do not have what it takes to be head :p Anyway i reached home at 8pm and started sleeping and just woke up at 11.15pm :x
This picture was taken by Jiahui (:

Okay i shall post till here now , shall update more in the future soon (: Lalala ~ Forget it ! I shall upload more pic taken by me and my friends now (Y) So hope your will come back to my blog soon and i hope you guy will help me advertise my blog and you guy feel free to comment my blog <3

Yeap , that is me and Lixin (: Lala ~

Okay now this is the end of my blog post (N) ! Shall see you guys next time . Byebye people ! 
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