Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My Days working in Tsubohachi (:

Oh Hi people !~ (: I am back to posting sorry i know this post is taking a long time to be out but anyway it's still here so enjoy (:
now that i am no longer working in Tsubohachi i can say it's rather sad luh ~ But life must go on. Anyway i wrote a note about my days working in Tsubo and here it is : 
The moment i stepped into Tsubohachi for my interview it was really shocking and also nerve recking (: But when i started working on the actual day which was on the 7/3/2011 i was shcoked .
The moment i walk into Tsubohachi i saw my Service Manager Ai-San and also Lily whom teaches me the basic stuff i have to learn in order to carry on working in Tsubohachi and it was really fun . I'll never forget the time when Ai-san taught me how to make Cocktail and also how to serve food to the customer .
A few days later , i got the chance to meet two of my colleague which are Sharee and also HuiMin and i have to admit at first i thought that they are very bossy but time passes and they became one of my best friend in Tsubohachi (: And there was a time i cry because i got scolded by one of the chef my Manager Ai-San , Sharee and HuiMing console me and cheer me up (:
I really have to say , without you guys i'll know nothing at all not even the basic stuff like Serving and taking orders and stuff like this. ^^
Okay 3 weeks after i have work in Tsubohachi , Rjel and Tiffany came in and work and it was tough for me to start to talk to them because i was shy but after a few day we eventually started talking to each other and became friends ^^
Me , Ai-San , Jason , Sharee , HuiMing , Tifanny and Lily work along side and helped each other in many ways like , claering the tables when customers leave and also having fun together and such.....(:
But a few weeks later , Lily left as something happened and so Tsubohachi is left with the 6 of us and it was still fun though.
Anyway , we continue working and eventually i started calling HuiMing and Sharee my Taoeh and Assiatnt Taoeh for fun (: Alright !
Okay , at about April.......My friend Tiffany got transfer to another restaurant and Both my Taoeh left and i have to admint i was really angry at that point of time......But there's nothing much i can do about it . But it's okay ! As i still got to meet HuiMing and also Sharee as HuiMing work at Tora Shabu while Sharee went to Ebis to eat and chatted for awhile .
Anyway after they had left the restaurant was left with me , Jason , Ai-san and Rjel and we worked hard and eventually Jason left us and there was a new manager that came in called Thomas. (: I have to say at first i really dislike him because i thought that he is really bossy and he command me around .
But time passes and he started talking to me and whenever there is staff meal he would ask me to join him to eat and i have to say he is really caring .
Oh yeah , i have to say (: Thomas is the manager who told me to learn how to take orders in 1 week time (:
Alright , on the 2nd week of May my friend Seow came and work in Tsubohachi at first i was really shy to speak to him but after several day he eventually speak to me ^^ And it was cool though .
Time passes and Ebis and Tora Shabu has close down and it's under renovation and that is when Tsubohachi got 2 new member added into our family and they are HauMing , Yusuf and Shermay (:
Alright although i just work with them for like a month but they end out becoming one of my bestest friend in Tsubohachi and we chatted like as if there is no tomorrow....And also i have to say it was fun to yell Yirashimase to our cutsomer (: I'll miss doing that and also i will miss chatting with you guys the most.
As time passes , my holiday is coming to an end and i started to cherish time when it's coming to my last day of work .
I remembered the time when i told Ai-San that i want to quit and she told me she is quitting too and i was like " Why ?" But she said that she is going back to Japan for some operation and that is when i start to worry .
Time passes really fast and i am only left with only 2 weeks in Tsubohachi and i have to say i try to be as happy as i can and also eat as many staff meal as possible and i can say it's a blast . (:
Alright today , 26/6/2011 is my finaly day working and i have to say i have a blast and we ate our final stuff meal together like a fmaily and took picture and i have to admit i never felt so happy in my entire life .(: And i'll miss Tsubohachi and also my colleague .
Thank you - Ai-San , HuiMing , Sharee , Lily , Jason , Thomas , Rjel , Tiffany , HauMing , Shermay , Yusuf , Shermann and the chef working in the kicthen for the fun memories . I am not going to forget you guys !
I am sure we'll meet again real soon ! Hope you guys don't mind i used this pic .
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Yeah , that's the end of today post . 

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