Sunday, June 26, 2011

Lying on my bed , thinking of.........

Alright , hey readers.....yeah this post is written using my IPhone (:

Alright , many of my friends had told me that i have changed a lot since the day they know me and yeah i know i have changed but i don't know what other people thinks of me and so i went to asked around and here is some of the answer :

  • I have became a boastful kid and i loves to show off what i have like - Latest Gadget and stuff like that.
  • I am less confidence like what i used to be in the past , will not fight for what i deserve 
  • I have changed from cute to handsome and no longer joke around with friends ( Not boasting ) 
  • I have became a flirt , who loves to flirt around with girls 
I have to say , there're many more comments . However i have to say i am still the Edwin that i used to be or you guys used to know , i am still they guy you people called a gay , a loser , a dumbass and many other nicknames. 

Yeah , i bet you guys want to know what motivate me to change right. I can say i changed because i hate to get teased by people , i hate it when people call me stupid and i hate people who insult me ! I changed because i want to prove to you guys i ain't stupid i ain't a gay ! YEAH ~ you people say that i have became a flirt , so what ? At least i ain't gay by flirting girls...Correct ? 

But seriously , now that i have changed . You guys want me to changed back to the old Edwin that i used to be . I can say it is impossible.

I have been sad , angry at times and sometimes i even thought why do i exist in this world ? And in the end i have to approach my classmate and friends to talk about all this nonsense , otherwise i think i might have died from stress and also pressure.

Alright , i know you people might still think i am Gay , Dumb , Stupid or what so ever . But i have to say it's okay ! I am who i am , i am born this way ! So there's nothing else i can do about it . I have tried to changed but it's tough so......I ain't caring about the negative comments i get anymore. (:

I am sorry if this post offended anyone . This is just a thought of mine and it has no harm at all.

Anyway , i know i sound fierce in this post . To be frank i am not angry at all but i am just agitated . But it's alright (: Anyway ~ The you guys part are referring to those who called me names and such ~ Haha ! 
Hope this post will not let you guys changed your thoughts towards me (:  

Leave a comment alright ! I need you guys help give me advice on how i can changed to a batter person !

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