Friday, July 1, 2011

Welcome back to the land of stress (:

Alright hi people ! Alright school has reopened and i can say its not that bad compared to my first day going back to school this year. (:
And i can say most of my teacher have been treating me really good for the past 4 days since the June holiday end and i had blast however it's kinda awkward when teacher is talking really fast and you can't even hear what he/she is saying .
But there's a miracle you know in our school ^^ Roanne and Shita came back to school ~
Okay , today school was fun. As usual we have our normal lesson and after school me , Julin , JunQi and Benny went over to NEX shopping centre to eat and guess what we ate
We went to Pizza Hut to eat and it was funfunfun ~ Anyway after the show we went to shop for awhile . Alright after shopping went to badminton...
I shall post till here now ! Have to go and watch my show and pin my badges onto my NPCC uniform already byebye !

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