Tuesday, June 14, 2011

2 word to describe lectures....And it is.....

Now today i have to wake up really early to go back to school for my......Eh wait ! Sorry for not greeting (: Hi readers yeah i went back to school for my LMSC ( Leadership Mentoring Skills Course ) and i can say that it was rather boring though , 3/4 of it are Lectures and like 1/4 of it is games and other activity and seriously i almost felt asleep , can you imagine sitting down there listening to your sir talk about leadership for like 2 hours ?

Okay , now let us talk about our lunch alright (: Now basically the sir told us that the food is going to be tremendously nice but me and my squadmates reckon that it's going to be budget and in the end we are right . We hit a BINGO ! And i can say i almost vomited while eating it and here is a pic of it ( The quality of this picture is not very good as it's not taken by my camera ) 

 Anyway our Squad is being combined together with YuYing Sec and it's kind of awkward though and i have to say we are still not used to it . Anyway the course end at about 4.45pm and after that went to Compass Point to eat with my Squadmates and we went seperate ways to eat as Me , Hilary and Phengsiong wanted to eat Mac , Rachel and Jiahui etc want to eat Foodcourt and Elton and friends went to Mos burger and after eating we went to meet up with the rest and went shopping (: Anyway i shall post till here now. I have to go shower now and there's a part 2 for this course which is tomorrow and i don't think i'll be going . 
Okay i know today post is not really interesting and my English tenses are not really good today and i can say becasue i am in a hurry to off the computer as my aunty is nagging at me so sorry guys (: I'll see you tomorrow if i have interesting stuff to post about alright !  Nights
Forget it , shall upload some pic to share with u guys before shutting down (: 
Bought Habbo credits (:

Another pic of ur lunch at the LMSC course 

My korh Zhenteng


Okay that's all for my post today ! Nights ~ Sweet dreams readers (:
By the way the word to end off the Sentence for my title it should be

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