Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Finally......A day off (:

I am not showing off my Tongue stud , (:
Yeah , hello people. Starting with a camwhoring pic i took while waiting for my friends to finish up their Manicure session (: Okay !

Today went out with my friends and i can say i had lots of fun , i met up with Rebecca at about 12.45pm and after that went off to meet up with another friend and I am not stating who is she (: Okay basically we went off to eat and do some shopping first and right after that we went to Bukit Batok to shop and it was my turn to eat and guess what i ate......I ate KFC and it was superb nice ^^ and time check it was already 3.50pm.

Just when we are about to go and play Pool Becca came out with this idea to go and have a Manicure session i am like....Okay la , but i have no other choice as my other friend wanted to have the Manicure thingy too so we went back to Lot 1 and went to the shop and sat down and waited  . Whoa now i finally know Manicure process (:

  1. Sit down and choose what kind of design you want on you hands 
  2. Wait for the stylist or whatever they are called to come help you apply 
  3. Sit down and wait and admire your nails while they are putting the nail polish on 
  4. And finally you are DONE ! (: 

Haha , yeah ! That is what i learn like SERIOUSLY this entire process took more than 1 hour to complete can ! Urghhhhh ~ Anyway here are my friends nails ~ (: 

Oh yeah i forgotten , while i was waiting for them to day their nails , i camwhore for abit as i was super bored and it then end me and Becca started camwhoring together as her dry first (; So here are the pic 

Mirror (:


Rebecca (: Chiobu luh sial . 

 Anyway after that we sat a bus down to Bukit Timau to play Pool and we were super hyper in the bus and it is like 5.30pm already. And took some picture once again on our way to play pool did not take much picture as the trip is sort of short .

Okay after we have reached we walked about 10min to reach the Destinations and than both my friends went on a search for.................TOILETS ! (: Super lol correct ~ Anyway right after that we went to play Pool andtime check it was already 6.10pm and here are the pic (: 

 Yeah , after that Becca and my friend went to eat and i end up following them and they both ate fried rice and coke and here are the pictures (:

yeah , after that we sat a bus back and we were really hyper on the way back and half way through my friend went off and that simply mean that me and Becca is left alone inside the bus and we started chatting about NPCC and about the squad and i had a blast . After we had reached Yishun we changed the ride from the bus to a train and when we reached TaoPayoh we changed to a bus once again and i reached home at 9.45pm and here are the photos . 
Once again , this is just a camwhore pic with rebecca and i am not showing off my tongue
stud . 

Yeah , i guess that marks the end of my post alright (: Shall post more soon ~ Bye ! 
To know more about Rebecca do visit her blog @ (: Bye !
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