Thursday, June 16, 2011

Finally it's about to end !

Hi readers , today post is going to be a real short one alright (: I promise you guys the next post will be a long one !

Okay , i went to work today and i can say i finally told my manager that i want to QUIT ~ And i only have to work 2 more weeks and after that i'll just be a normal student without a job and the good thing is i can concentrate on my studies ^^ Anyway one of my Manager and 2 of my colleague are quitting too and guess what very soon Tsubohachi is left with only 2 workers and it's kind of awkward though (N)

My manager Ai san which i mention just now is going back to Japan as she is sick and i feel really sad for her after all she is the manager who treated me the best and it is devastating to see her cry just now. 
I think that i am going to miss Tsubohachi when i stop working but life must continue (: So i guess it's time for me to move on and i just want to say working in Tsubohachi will be a wonderful memory that i'll never forget ! 

Thanks - Ai san , Jel , Seow , HauMing , Qianning and HuiMin for teaching me so much stuff and thanks to people who had once work in Tsubohachi ^^ Thanks alot ! I am going to miss you all. 
p/s : I promise i'll post more tomorrow and sorry about this short post as i am really tired and i have to wake up early to go to USS with my friends tomorrow so Nights people ! See ya ! (: 

Ahaha , a random video of me nah. I know i look retard :p 
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