Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wtf is wrong with my result ?

Hello people i am back , sorry i had not been updating my blog this few day as my computer broke down D:
But it's okay since i bought a new computer yesterday ,

Anyway Yesterday i had my Maths paper 2 and my EBS exam and guess what (: Maths was okay however EBS is really difficult , i have to admit i have wrote nonsense and draw some animal in the paper. But seriously i can say i'm not prepared for EBS as i think that Maths is way more important than EBS. I guess i am wrong.
Today was CPA practical as usual it was really bad to have a computer that is so annoying, there is a reason why I say the computer is annoying because the keyboard is really hard to press and the question paper i seriously don't get the meaning so i guess i am going to fail D:

Anyway tomorrow is Mother Tongue and i guess i am going to fail as i am kinda lazy to study now. Oh yeah (: Today chatted with most of my NPCC family and it's damn funfunfun (:
Okay shall post till here now (: Byebye !

Random pic that i took (:

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