Friday, May 6, 2011

Science Exam n Glee (:

MushiMushi people (: Lol ~ Don't know what it means but BeeSin taught me yesterday de (: As promise i'll post it in my blog so Mushi Mushi people ! I think it mean "Hello"

Anyway today was my Science exam (: And i think that i will pass as i am well prepared this time. So i have the confident ! However i have to admit that there are some question that i really do not know how to do. Anyway i have to thanks Julin.H for lending me her calculator otherwise i think i would have failed (: Thanks jiejie .
Anyway after the science exam went to Maths remedial and teacher told me that i have to score 37 mark to get an A in my Maths and i really have to study hard to get it oh yeah , chatted with Mr Seah too and he ask me to stay confident as he say my confident is really low lately so - Goodluck Edwinn (:
Anyway after the Maths remedial went off to EBS one and i find all these remedial useful (:
Okay tomorrow is Election Day and i hope all those Adults will vote wisely (: Think before voting okay !

Recently i have been watching Glee on youtube and it's really nice (: Here are some Song that i like .
Enjoy watching (: Shall post more in the future ! Stay tune for more update alright .

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