Thursday, May 5, 2011

Singapore 2011 Election vehicle & Maths paper 1 (:

Konichiwa people (:
Haha , yesterday i said hello in france today Japanese !

Part 1 of 5/5/2011 post

Anyway today i'll post stuff regarding the 2011 Singapore Election vehicle. As you guys know that singapore is going to have a poll for citizen of Singapore and they have like a few vehicle going around with speakers and asking people to vote for them , and it's super annoying for example 
  1. You are taking you exam halfway and the vehicle came and ask you to vote for them 
  2. You are sleeping halfway and the vehicle came and ask you to vote
  3. When you are watching show, the vehicle came and ask you to vote 
  4. When you are showering , the vehicle came and ask you to vote
Seriously this is what happened to me ! And it's superb duper annoying and it's escalating to my annoyance level against the polling against the negative side and that is not a good thing.
Anyway i wish that i'll not have to hear the lorry come so many time in 1 day. D: 
Oh yeah , people feel free to share with me how the Election vehicle irritate you if you think that it's annoying (: Otherwise if you think it's not annoying you can say the reason in my cbox too.

I am not trying to preach or criticize anything about the election but just saying out the fact that i feel if you think this is offensive than please just get out of my blog . Thanks ! Or just simply press Alt F4 (:

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Part 2 of 5/5/2011 post

Okay part 2 (: Today was my Maths paper 1 and good news is the Maths paper is rather easy ! 
However i totally forgotten how to do tesselation and translation.
Anyway i had revise yesterday and so i feel that i am gonna pass but not with flying colours luh~ Hahaha !
Okay shall post till here. Hopefully will finish my revision later and go out (:

Stay tune for more updates people (:

Loves my readers
Edwinn.G (:
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