Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Impromptu shopping spree for my niece Kayla (^o^)

Hello! ショック  
In the previous post i was talking about what my cousin daughter Kayla should call me right. Well, i had asked my teachers and she told me that Kayla should call me uncle and she's my niece though! Feel extremely flattered though as this is my first time being an uncle. It's like i'm still young so it's a bit awkward to heard a child calling me their uncle though! (^.-)

Apparently, my niece Kayla was born on 04/10/2012 and soon she is going to celebrate her first month in this world and in Chinese we called it "满月" so me together with my cousin and sister decided to purchase something for her. 

We went to Kiddy Palace over at Toa Payoh to shop for the Babies goodies and stuff! I have to say back when i was young, i do not have nice clothing like what they offer to this generation babies! Somehow i am jealous and i really want to have all this beautiful clothing back when i was younger. Sigh! ): Oh well, here are some of the stuff that opened my eyes towards baby clothing ショック  :

I checked with the sales personal and these are socks for babies (: Extremely cute right and it is only $3.90/ pair though!
Have a look at the colours, look just like rainbow right, ohmy!
Pacifier for babies! (: *SuckSuck* heheh :D
These are glove and i've to say there's loads of patterns for us to choose from and all of them are really cute so it was rather hard for us to choose though. Sigh! 
Well, we were looking around and chatting for a bit. Thinking back and we realised that back when we were younger all we have was diapers and also socks and glove that was plain, pure plain though! It's either entirely white/blue what so ever, without any pictures and stuff though! How pathetic, oh well! I think i'll buy loads of cute stuff for my son/daughter when i become a father in maybe 10-14years time! ◕‿◕

Oh here's a picture of me holding a few gloves while we were deciding which one should we purchase for Kayla though:

So after we decide on what to purchase we went to make payment and went for a walk! We decided to head down to KOI to purchase some drinks as it was a rather humid day so we decided to get some drinks to hydrate ourself. Right after that went over to McDonald to chit chat for a bit and did some camwhoring and stuff though! (^.^)

Camwhore! Camwow! (:
After that we went to find a place to write some note for Kayla and also pack the gift which we have purchase for her! Honestly, it has been such a long time since i last purchase someone a gift though haha! So Kayla, see how you have got me looking for gift just for your celebration after so long! (:
Written by my cousin YiXin as she have a neater handwriting than mine: To: Baby Kayla, Welcome to our big family. This is a little gift from us to you ! :) 
The gift we purchased for Kayla! (: Haha! 
After packing the gift we bought for Kayla, my cousin and sister went home while i make my way to the bank as i wanted to change my ATM card into a Debit card though so yes! I was literally rushing like insane as the bank was closing at 4:30pm and when i left my cousin and sister, it was already 4:20pm! I was pretty much panicking though as i was rather desperate to have my Debit card though! :)

Well, the good thing is i managed to get my Debit card and i was so damn happy though! Laughs.

Right! I think i shall post till here now, my mother is forcing me to have my dinner now though! Sigh. Thanks for reading my blog, i really do appreciate it! Stay tune for more post, especially the Halloween post which many of my friend has been pestering me for (: Laughs! 

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Last but not least! A camwhore picture i took while going back home after helping my mum purchase some snacks home: 

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