Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Hello ! I just got home from school :) 
A picture of me in my school uniform :)
Wearing Freshkon Mystic Grey contacts Lens that can is sold in almost any optical shop in singapore
My eye-bags is getting from bad to worse due to the lack of sleep, school had became so stressful till i have got the urge to just give up even though i know i can't (Well, it's just my mentality being a bitch). My ex-english teachers had been asking me why do i look so sleepy almost every single day in school and my answer to her was :

She immediately burst into laughter and said to me "You better stop searching for the Joker and fly home to start revising for your N-Levels" and i was like "??? OhOkay" haha !

Well anyway for now i just hope that i'll do well in my exams and that i'm able to fall asleep earlier though as i do not want to risk in failing my N-Level though is like come'on it cost me a freaking $300 lor (Kiasumax)! Ehhhhh! WaitWait, well let me just say something random Whythehell must we pay $300 to make ourself more miserable...is like i super don't get it can?! Joke right !
I have just gotten my salary a few days back and i have to say it was not a lot (Around $200+) and i still went shopping and here's a shirt that i bought from PULL&BEAR and i think that it's really nice though. Ohyeah recently there's a question posted to me asking why do i like polo-tee so much on formspring and here's my answer to it :
The question being posted to me on formspring and also my answer to that question :) 
Okay and below of these sentence is the polo-tee that i bought from PULL&BEAR and i have to say it's kinda awesome and nice and i really like it.
The Polo-Tee that i bought from PULL&BEAR that cost $39.90
And upon getting my pay how could i forget about my contact lenses right so i went to a optical shop to shop for some lens and i literally spent like $65 there though as contact lens is addictive :

HAHA! Sorry about randomly posting question that's being posted to me on formspring though is like i just want to share with you people my answers. HAHA!
Yes these are all Freshkon contacts and i do not know why but i just really like this brand though. (: 
Okay, anyway i think today post is really an awesome one and i just want to say thankyou guys for reading my blog and also do follow me on Twitter/Formspring/Instagram (@iedwingjw)/Tumblr/Facebook Page and now let me post some random camwhore pictures and that's all for today post ! <3
Random much ! 
People say that i look like korean in this picture and there're some people that is saying that i'm a mixed blood because of this picture though
Alright ! Thanks for reading and i'll see you people soon ! :)
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