Sunday, March 18, 2012

To this minority of you who want to make my life miserable with harsh words -'-

Gay, stupid, Dumb, Loser are what my haters/some classmates will call me just to make fun of me. So today i'll be talking about it.
If i offended you or what and you are not happy with it just seriously fuckoff cause this is my blog and i post what i want if you have any problem with it just simply click alt F4 (:

Calling me gay/AhGua etc. 
Is this like a joke or something, come'on dude if i am Gay/ahgua and stuff i guess you are worst alright. I don't know if you are dumb or what the word Gay have another meaning and that's happy and if i am gay and stuff why in the world would i like girls instead of boys ? Why the fuck will i look at hot WWE divas instead of those macho WWE Superstars ? Like seriously think again if i am gay  why the fuck will i kiss a girl when i stead with her and yeah i would not have been attahced to a girl already. I guess you are just jealous that i am living a happy life and you are not (: Really people like you really have to learn to fuckoff from this world. (: 
Alright, there's this guy who always compare me together with Steven Lim and he said that i look like him...Oh well if you put it that way, sure ! I look like Steven Lim and what about you dude :

Calling me Stupid/Dumb ?
Please, you are not in the Express stream neither you are in the NA stream so whothefuck are you to call me stupid and dumb when your result is not even fit to challenge me ?! Unless you win me in my result or you are in the Express Or NA stream than you HAVE THE RIGHT TO LOOK DOWN ON ME otherwise stfu (Shutthefuckup) (:
Saying that i can constantly do well in my NT examination and i do not have to study to get good result etc. 
Who said that i do not have to study to get to my current position ? I am not born a genius alright hence i am in the Normal technical stream. I fought really hard to get what i get today and i can say that my Maths used to be very weak and i scored like 9/100 so really i studies really hard ask teacher question and start from the basic division when i was in Sec 2 and i slowly started passing my Maths. Plus i stayed back in school like mad just to clarify my doubt with teachers and i even asked for tution from my Express NPCC squadmates as i do not have tution at home.
So really i am super pissed off everytime i hear people telling me that i'll do well in my exams no matter what cause really you guys don't know what i have been through and how stressup my life is. If it was't for my form teacher who counsel me i think i might have break down long ago.

Ohwell, i guess after i post this post my blog readers will simply decrease and it's okay alright (: and really i have to clarify something and that's :
I am not angry while typing all this however i just feel that if i don't post up all this i'll go mad eventually as all this words really have been bringing me down day by day and i may not seem to care about all this shit however i do care...after all i am a human too i have feeling alright.
Sometimes i just feel like crying but what can i do ? I have to try to be strong and face all of this annoying people and really i have to thank them for making me a stronger guy.

Lastly for people who are good to me and always cheer me up
Thankyou, i really appreciate what have you done and without you i guess i have break down long ago and cry like a mad dog. I can't thank you enough in this blog. But really just want you guys to know that you are really important people in my life especially my close friends and teachers (: ily !
Alright, i shall blog till here now..Peace out !

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