Friday, March 16, 2012

Broken promise.

I'm super pissed off by this particular friend of mine , we planned to have fun and also helped her complete her English homework today and in the end she could't make it because she have to help her mother to do some stuff.

Alright , I know that i'm being unreasonable now but really this ain't the first time I was thrown aside by her though :/ I was actually looking forward to have fun with her as I had not went out with her for quite a long time I think since January ? I know to some of you 2 month ain't that long but really to me it's really freaking now she have a boyfriend that simply means that it's even harder for me to hang out with her my sister.

Ohwell , I guess I'll just have FUN on my own today since someone promise that today we can just have fun and in the end ya'know help her mother do some stuff...

Alright , sis if you ever see this post don't be offended or what I'm just releasing my anger alright. If you find it offensive to you really I'm sorry but seriously I'm really pissed off though. So yeah...

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