Monday, March 5, 2012

A fun Monday ! ~

HelloHelloHello everyone , how are you guys feeling (:
Oh well , my Common Test just ended last Friday and today i've got back most of my results and really i am kinda disappointed with it as i had lots of careless mistake. Alright so here is my result Alright ! (: Let me start by sharing with you guys my pathetic result which i scored this time round
  • English - 36.5/50 (But asked teacher to help me see if they could add like 1 or 2 marks for me )
  • Maths - 27/35 
  • Science - 40/40
  • CPA - 19.5/20
  • EBS - 
  • Mother Tongue -
After school today i went out with Guangming korhkorh to slack and i have to say it was fun and enjoyable as we had not been slacking a lot together or i can say this was actually our first time slacking together in like many years (: So here are some of the photos :
The guy at the right is my korh ! (: Handsome right ! Yeah ~ He's really kind to me though is like he motivate me to study hard and whenever i am stressed up or what he's always there to calm me down and cheer me up , if he were't there or me i guess i had broke down long ago. Thanks korh (:

Okay anyway i shall post a few more picture of us and i guess i shall mark the end of today post though as i have some homework to complete so yeah :x I'll blog about my trip out with my friends soon ! (: So stay tune alright !

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