Thursday, December 1, 2011

Random stuff to talk about :3

こんにちは、世界!Hi world :3 Bonjour tout le monde!

I know i had not post an actual post for a really long period of time....since i have nothing better to do i had decided to post an actual post ! So yeah :3 Today is a really effing boring day for me alright ! Had stayed at home for the entire day facing the computer and doing nothing ! AwfulAwful day uh D:


Anyway how's my new banner ? Is it okay ! I know weirdweird but it's still okay uh ! :3

So yeah ! Yesterday i went out with my friend Julin and Richard to a few places and i had fun ah ! So i'll post what i did in bullets form so here goes .

  • Went to meet Richard didi down my block at 1pm and guess what he is late for 10min lor
  • Walked to Jalan Toa Payoh there to take a bus down to Toa Payoh interchange which is like 3 stop away only and it was drizzling so we ran to the bus stop 
  • Upon reaching Toa Payoh , rushed to the restroom to have a look at my hair and i was shocked uh ! Super cui ( Ugly ) ! :x
  • After that rushed down to the MRT platform and waited for the train and head down to Boon Lay , it's effing long uh , it's like 1 hour as there are some transit in between 
  • After reaching Jurong Point rushed down to McDonald's as me and Richard was rather hungry !
  • While we were eating , Julin called me and she cannot find her way there so i went to search for her ! Ugh want eat peacefully also cannot :3 
  • So after i found her went back to eat my McWing set :3 Upsized somemore hor >.<
  • After that we decided to go for a walk and got bored of it and went off to Promenade !
  • After we had reached went off to Millenia Walk the shopping centre and walkwalk
  • Saw this wishing thing for 2012 and decided to draw since it's raining !
  • Than went to Marina Bay Sands to have a drink :3 After that went to shopshop
  • Walked to Raffles Place MRT to sit a bus back to Toa Payoh to meet up with some friends and have some cigg 
  • SlackedSlacked and walked to Whampoa than smoke for a bit and went home at 9pm :3
Okay ! I think you guys see already will sorta become blurblur like i do right ! But it's okay ! 
Now it's time for.....PHOTO time

Yeah :3 This is the wishing ball which i mention earlier and yes ! My wish for 2012 is that Kelly Kelly
will be able to regain her Divas Champion title !

1,2,3,4 HI 5 ! I think this puppet is called ChatChat right :x
Yeah , that's all the picture that i have . So yeah i should post till here now alright ! More post to come in the future ! :3

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