Friday, October 7, 2011


I know I know i had not been updating my blog somehow for a long time and i am really sorry about that , anyway i am sorta not in the mood as i just broke up with my gf ~ Anyway i had been really busy with my exams and stuff and i had something to say ah ~

Exams is so damn FUCKING difficult ~ I think i will not be in top 3 this year and there's a slight chance for me to get top 20-25 like what my teacher said ! But who give a damn right D:

Alright , as your know i had many friends and readers who say that i have changed alot in my looks and firstly i'll have to say thankyou and lastly thanks to my so called ex-gf for what she did and that make me changed....

So here are some pic before i carry on updating my blog :D
This is the shirt which i bought yesterday.

Yeah, those 2 pic are taken recently like 3 days ago ~ So yeah ! :DDD

Okay ~ Now lets talk about Kelly Kelly and Beth phoenix ~
WTH ~ Kelly loses to Beth Phoenix during Hell in a Cell after being hit with a mic by Natalya ~ Whoa what kind of rubbish is this like seriously ~ Otherwise i think kellykelly might had retain her champion once again ~ Thank to you Natalya -.-" So after Beth Phoenix got that damn title Kelly Kelly got aggressive on Raw .

Yeah , next topic ~ iPhone 5 ----> iPhone 4s ?
Alright since iPhone 4 came out like a year ago ~ There has been this trending topic on how the iPhone 5 will look like and the funtion of that phone but in the end they came out not with an iPhone 5 but an iPhone 4s and i think it's cool but somehow pathetic too anyway here is an introduction of the phone :

Yeah , although the camera is awesome but i think it's still too complicated so yeah......
Last but not least let me show you something that i drew and after that i shall go prepare for school.....yes school i woke up at 3am just to update my blog :p So yeah here is it ! :

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