Monday, August 22, 2011

I am going to proof you wrong :D

You guys seriously don't know how stress am i , you guys totally don't know how it's like to cope with both work and studies ! So please get the fact right before you speak.

Yeah , i know i have got full mark for my Maths common test but seriously do you guys know how tough it was to study before going to work and after work ? You guys think that i do not have to study yet i can get all this result but seriously i did study . Otherwise i would have fail .

And today science we learnt the new chapter and i have difficulty in it and yet nobody if my class help me ! Like seriously i know you guys want me to fail badly for my End Of Year exam but let me tell you , the more you say i ca't make it the more i want to prove to you that i am able to succeed.

One day , i'll be successful and seriously i will make you suffer what i have
suffer before ! So just fuck off from my life for now ! I don't need you in my life !

Alright , i shall post till here :D Nights guys !

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