Monday, September 12, 2011

3 weeks to go :D

3 more week till End Of Year exam and i am ready to study hard while having some fun of course as i do not want to stress myself out . As most of you student know that End Of Year exam is really crucial for us i really don't want to get all those pathetic result and be humiliate by my friends/relative so i'll just have to work hard .

I have always wanted to get good result to show everyone that i can score high mark and to proof to people that Normal Tech people can have good future too. 

Hopefully that will happen , but in order for that to happen i'll have to study hard and achieve good results otherwise all my effort that i had put in will be in vain .

Alright i know some people will say that i am being too naive to think that will happen , well i am going to proof you wrong ! And there's one song that can best represent this fiasco and that is : 

Yeah , for people who don't know what is this song called it's " Loser Like Me " And the lyrics are really meaningful be sure to hear it alright :D

Sometimes i'll have the incertitude feeling towards study and it's kinda awkward though is like i am afraid to lose to my friends each time i have a test and if i lose to my friends i'll be very upset i had not idea why .

Alright guys i shall update my blog till here ! Byebye :D
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