Saturday, September 10, 2011

16 days till my b'day ! Attached to someone ♥

Girl , iloveyou ! I enjoy texting with you and also working with you !
Time spent with you is always fun and unforgettable ,
So i just want to say ILOVEYOU !

Anyway , hello everyone ! I am back once again ~ Yeah with a new haircut and also a new haircolour
( A not so obvious hair colour )
Yeah ! My new hairstyle is bangs ~ As i wanted to go for a goodboy look so yeah ! FYI i went to Essensual Bugis for my haircut for the very first time so here is a photo of the process btw my hairstylist was Wayne and i really enjoy talking to him during the process and yes i'm going back again ! :D

Yeah , i went with my friends and i have to say they are very annoying ah ! So yeah i dyed my hair to a super dark brown that only can be seen under the sun and i have to say it was awesome ! And the Bangs was awesome too but i still don't get why some people like me previous spoilt hair over my newly cut goodboy hair D: Anyway did a few camwhore and here are the pic :

Yeah ! That's all for my ugly camwhore shot ! So yeah ~ Anyway i shall post till here now my aunty is nagging me to shut down the damn computer and it's super irritating so Nights everyone !

P/s : Can you guys tell me which hairstyle do u prefer the old one or the new goodboy look and also what other colour can i dye next time or what hairstyle should i try :D

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