Saturday, September 3, 2011

23 days more till my B'day ! :D - Stupid manager :x

23 Days more :DD OMG ! I look like a......Ahem idiot D:
Hey'll , Yeah ! I am here posting again ^^ For people who had not read my previous post feel free to read it as i am trying to post everyday so 1 post will not stay at the top for long :x Sorry !
Yesterday was really not my day seriously and i am going to tell you guys what happened :D

Before the start of work we'll have a meeting and guess what yesterday we had a new assistant manager and his name is "Peter" and seriously i don't care who become the manager but here is the reason why i am so pissed off okay >:

Kanineh , he had only work is Tsubohachi for only 2 weeks and plus he is a part-timer i fucking don't understand why he can become the manager ! We were all shocked to see that ya'know !

Anyway he ordered us to do this and that and seriously who the hell are you ah ! Lao uncle :x Here is something for you :

Hehe , this was something i made ^^ No offence to anyone okay ^^
Alright , enough of that guys now lets talk about yesterday customer okay !

There's this 2 particular table damn know Guailan D: And i am going to tell you why :D

Table 13- Kanineh , they go complaint me and my friend say what we never refill their drink for them when we had already refill for them for like 3 time :x

Table 14- Got one bitchy girl ask us do this do that in the end say our service not good and what their restaurant services are better ;x cares about you restaurant ah >.<
So here is something for you :

Yeah haha ! Cockroach Attack ! My friend taught me how to draw this ^^
I think that the drawing on my hand is kinda cute so yeah >< ! Alright ~ I shall post till here enough of my blabbering ! ^^ More post soon alright ! ^^ Be sure to rate my post alright ^^
Bye guys ! PEACE OUT !

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