Monday, July 4, 2011

Yo ain't calling me classless .

So today someone called me a loser and i have no class at all and i can say it had bothered me for the past 7hour , so i decided to blog about it and also to let out my anger and also speak out my mind (:

So there was this particular guys who called me classless because i'm in the NT stream and yes i am indeed in the NT stream and what's wrong with it ? I have mention this in my blog before that we are Human too and you have no right to insult us ! So please (:

Since you want to talk about class let me tell you something , in term of class (: I think i have more class than you and i bet you will want to know the reason and sure i shall give you the reason (:

  1. You used vulgarities to scold people you dislike ,
  2. You don't care how loud you talk when you are going to a Fine dining restaurant
  3. You have to used dialect in between English language 
And there's many more reason that i do not wish to mention (: 
Oh i bet you are thinking , "Hey ! Edwin uses Vulgarities too " Oh yes ! indeed i used vulgarities but atleast i do not spit it infront of the person face like what you did alright (:

So please , don't just come to my face and talk about class with me (: Cause you ain't anyone to called me a low-class human living . (: So please , i am not reprimanding you or what but i am just pissed off by what you said to me earlier today .

Alright , that's all for today post . Sorry to my beloved readers for you to see the other side of my attitude . Sorry ! Oh yeah ~ Today i went to East Coast park and it was fun though ^^ Shall blog about soon . 
Oh by the way , i have been watching WWE recently and i can say i am obsessed with KellyKelly and John Cena (: 
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